An Electronic cigarette starter kit is a very good idea if you have a  father who is smoking. Help him kick it with an E cigarette starter kit and with this now!

Ignore all the negative press. What could be worse than smoking? Vaping Australia should take a lesson from this little piece I found (italics)…


That is not smoke, it is vapour!

Get your father off to vaping to celebrate the Father’s Day. People can gift the starter kits of the brand to the fathers at an off of twenty five percent so that the individual can have a rich and better smoking experience. On the Father’s Day, fathers can be presented with the electric cigarettes for vaping that provide a tobacco free, smoke free and tar free experience with complete zest. Add a little liquid nicotine, and he will prefer vaping over tobacco. Soon, he will be lowering his nicotine intake.

E cig reviews explain that vaping is one of the best ways to quit smoking

Experts say that the e cigs taste better than cigarettes, and they give the user what they need, and the ability to slowly quit. One of the users said “If you want to know what’s good about Vaping, I’ll tell you. Everything! I used a few different types, when they first came out, but it’s hard to find a trainer or teacher. VapingMad is probably the best website I have seen to learn about vaping.

What do you think?

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Thanks to SBWire for the chance to make more noise about electronic cigarettes, their health benefits (over smoking – WTFYTDH), and about the importance of giving Dads a great gift of electronic cigarettes in Australia. The country where smokers take it up the arse like a Catholic priest locked in a room with a rolling pin.


Liquid nicotine is actually what you want as a smoker. Your body is chasing nicotine. That and the 130+ chemicals the tobacco companies have been putting in those tricky sticks for years.

Despite all you know as a smoker, you still smoke. That is because you are addicted. Vapermates (or better known as electronic cigarettes in Australia).

Just when I thought I knew everything about vaping, something new has come along. Check out this piece I found on the Albany news (in italics).

Smoking tobacco cigarettes causes many different types of health issues but still this doesn’t seem to stop smokers from lighting up a tobacco cigarette each day. Cancer and C.O.P.D. are just a couple of the deadly effects of smoking but tobacco cigarettes also doesn’t help with the aging process as well.

Tobacco cigarette smokers now have an option to smoke in a better way without the use of tobacco.

Instead of smoking tobacco, they will smoke a liquid nicotine cigarette that is powered by an electronic battery which powers a atomizer. When the smoker puffs on the electronic cigarette, the atomizer vaporizes the liquid nicotine and turns it into water vapor which the smoker inhales.

Nicotine with Vitamin B takes vaping to a whole new level by releasing their Vitamin B cartridge pack. These vitamin packs not only help smokers satisfy their nicotine cravings but also gives them a small dose of vitamin B with every puff to help them lose weight.

Vitamin B added to liquid nicotine is very new. You can get vitamins and nicotine with every puff of vapour. More like steam, not hot, and not smoke from fire. While many people think that vitamins are similar in structure and perform a similar function, the truth is that each vitamin B-complex vitamin has a unique chemical structure and serves a unique function within the body.

An electronic cigarette starter kit only costs about $40 in countries like Australia, Canada, the USA and New Zealand. That is a pretty good deal considering it only costs around $3/day to replace a packet-a-day smoking habit. You can’t buy liquid nicotine Australia, but you can buy it online for personal use as long as the site and company is not in Australia. I get my nicotine, and I am cutting it down each week. Why not think about it?

Ecigarettes (vaping as it is known, not smoking), is fast becoming a healthier alternative than smoking.

There are some very interesting points about the propylen glycol in e-smoking liquids that might help you actually keep healthy. They kill germs. Check out this excerpt we found on TIME.

Back in the late ’30s, researchers at the University of Chicago stumbled onto its effectiveness as a germ-killer, as related in this Time magazine story from Nov. 16, 1942:

“A powerful preventive against pneumonia, influenza and other respiratory diseases may be promised by a brilliant series of experiments conducted during the last three years at the University of Chicago’s Billings Hospital. Dr. Oswald Hope Robertson last week was making final tests with a new germicidal vapor — propylene glycol — to sterilize air. If the results so far obtained are confirmed, one of the age-old searches of man will finally achieve its goal…

“…the researchers found that the propylene glycol itself was a potent germicide. One part of glycol in 2,000,000 parts of air would — within a few seconds — kill concentrations of air-suspended pneumococci, streptococci and other bacteria numbering millions to the cubic foot.

“How did it work? Respiratory disease bacteria float about in tiny droplets of water breathed, sneezed and coughed from human beings. The germicidal glycol also floats in infinitesimally small particles. Calculations showed that if droplet had to hit droplet, it would take two to 200 hours for sterilization of sprayed air to take place. Since sterilization took place in seconds, Dr. Robertson concluded that the glycol droplets must give off gas molecules which dissolve in the water droplets and kill the germs within them.

“Dr. Robertson placed groups of mice in a chamber and sprayed its air first with propylene glycol, then with influenza virus. All the mice lived. Then he sprayed the chamber with virus alone. All the mice died.”

“In a scientific summary of the discovery, it was noted that “Tests on possible deleterious effects of breathing propylene glycol containing atmospheres over long periods of time are being carried out.” 

“Propylene glycol is harmless to man when swallowed or injected into the veins. It is also harmless to mice who have breathed it for long periods. But medical science is cautious — there was still a remote chance that glycol might accumulate harmfully in the erect human lungs which, unlike those of mice, do not drain themselves. So last June Dr. Robertson began studying the effect of glycol vapor on monkeys imported from the University of Puerto Rico’s School of Tropical Medicine. So far, after many months’ exposure to the vapor, the monkeys are happy and fatter than ever. Dr. Robertson does not expect mankind to live, like his monkeys, continuously in an atmosphere of glycol vapor; but it should be most valuable in such crowded places as schools and theaters, where most respiratory diseases are picked up.”

The monkeys lived in enclosures filled with propylene glycol vapor. No deleterious effect was ever reported. And the concentrations of PG we inhale on a regular basis surely must equal the amount inhaled by the monkeys for this test. Obviously, no scientist saw a time when a device would atomize a PG mist that would then be inhaled for fun. But time and technology has given us the electronic cigarette. With each inhalation, we are washing our lungs with a germicidal agent used today in some “air sanitizers”.

One more quote on PG: The vapour from as little as 0.5 mg of propylene glycol can kill nearly all the microorganisms in a liter of heavily contaminated air within 15 seconds.

The initial experiments with PG vapor were part of a search to find ways to create clean rooms, so the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic that killed so many millions would never be repeated. Today, researchers have wondered online if propylene glycol vapor might offer protection against a widely feared coming pandemic of bird flu, tagged H5N1.

Imagine e-smokers being healthier than non-smokers in such a scenario. If you are in Australia, and looking for the best Vaping products (Vaping Mates as they are affectionately known there), we recommend you check this out. Glycerine is now used by dairy farmers to help prevent bacteria entering a cow’s teats after milking. Glycerine both softens the teats and kills bacteria.







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